Wholesale Account Request Complete

Thank you for submitting your Wholesale Account Request, we greatly appreciate your interest! Our team is reviewing your application and will be responding as rapidly as possible - please keep an eye on the Inbox belonging to the email address you provided as we will be sending important communications to you throughout the approval process. 


Please keep in mind, our approval process turnaround time can vary, but usually is concluded within two weeks. We process applications in a first come first serve basis. The volume of requests we've received at the time of your submission will have an effect on the turn around time of the entire process. Please be patient. 


If you have customers demanding the products we carry and need to expedite the process, please make sure to respond to our emails as quickly as possible with as much detail as possible.  Also, please correspond with your assigned to Sales Rep as soon as possible and as frequently as needed to help speed the process along. 


With all of that said, thank you again for taking the time to submit your Wholesale Account Request. One of our reps will reach out to your ASAP! 

--Solstice Management